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Condition Requirements

    Condition Requirement Summary: Examples of books that are not accepted are books with broken spines or broken bindings; missing, torn, or loose pages; excessive writing, marking, or highlighting; stains, rings, or water damage; burns or rips; strong odors, defective books, or books with any other significant damage.
    Amazon Trade-In: Books will not be accepted if they have one of the following conditions: Library copy; Custom edition textbooks (typically has a school name listed); Water damaged (wavy, swollen or discolored, crinkled, stains, rings); Broken spine or binding; Books with torn or taped cover; Missing, torn, or loose pages; Burns, fire, or smoke damage; Strong odor of any kind (including musty odor, cigar or cigarette odor); Marked Not for Resale (or is otherwise marked not for sale) anywhere on the cover or inside
    AwesomePrices: If the price on the pricing display says "0.00" or no price is shown, then that means we don't want the book, so please don't send it to us, because we do not return books that have no value to us. We never buy instructor annotate textbooks, int'l editions, defective books (dirt, pages gotten wet, fall off of binding, etc.), or books not sold in college bookstores.
    Beermoneybooks.com: Counterfeits, loose leaf/3 ring binder/ a la carte editions, Instructor or International Editions, highlighting or other page markings exceeding 20% of pages, liquid damage, odors, torn pages, excessive binding or cover damage, workbooks can have no writing present, no moldy items.
    BetterWorldBooks: We do not purchase books with water damage, binding damage, missing pages or excessive writing or highlighting.
    Bluerocketbooks: Books will not be accepted if they have the following conditions: Missing or loose pages; Major wear to the binding; Tears to the cover or pages; Fire or smoke damage; Strong odor of any kind; Water, moisture damage, mold or stains; Excessive highlighting, underlining or writing that appears in more than 30% of the book. The following items will not be bought: Counterfeit books; Loose Leaf Editions; Custom editions; Exam copies; International Editions; Teacher's/Instructor's editions; Partial sets; Advanced reading or corrected proofs; Books marked "Not for Resale"; Workbooks that have been written in; Pornography or otherwise offensive and explicit material; Used access codes that are for single use only; Former library books of any kind.
    Book Cash Fast: Books will not be accepted in the following conditions: Odors such as cigarette, perfume, mildew, etc.; Any stains, aside from minimal amount of water stains or mild staining from typical use; Missing / loose pages or page sections torn off; Missing covers or missing sections of covers; Broken spine; Mold / mildew; Burns; Excessive writing or highlighting; Student workbooks (workbooks that accompany textbooks) with more than a minimal amount of the review questions completed.
    Bookbyte: Books will not be accepted if they have the following conditions: Books that have excessive writing, highlighting, or other markings on over 75% of the pages; missing covers, damaged covers and/or binding; numerous torn pages; excessive odor; mold; obscured text or illegible text; or severe staining or water damage covering more than a 1/3 of the page and spanning more than 1/3 of the book; missing pages or stuck-together pages; or books that are deemed inauthentic or a replica.
    BookHolders: Textbooks that are of an older edition or are not in the best condition are not bought back.
    BooksIntoCash: We make every effort to grade as many books as, "new," as possible. Your satisfaction is very important to us! However, many books end up being graded as, "used," since to receive a, "new," grading, books must be in *perfect* condition upon arrival at our facility: with no visible wear, writing, bent corners, dented corners, shelf wear, or damage whatsoever. Otherwise, books we buy from you will be priced at the, "used," price.
    Booksmart: We do not except damaged books. "Damaged" books are books that contain excessive water damage, mold, and/or staining, as well as torn or missing pages.
    BooksRun: Books will not be accepted if they have the following conditions: Marked "free", "promotional copy", "complimentary copy", "not for resale", "not for sale", or "preliminary edition", "uncorrected proof" anywhere on the cover or inside; Partial sets or incomplete sets; Writing and markings (unless on a very few pages or very slight) or highlighting on many pages; Workbooks, lab manuals or study guides with any markings on more than 6 pages; Moisture or any water damage, mold, staining; Cigarette smell or any other strong odor; Torn cover or pages; Filled out tests or exams on any pages; If a book comes with a CD or other supplementary materials, they must be included in good and working condition; Missing, mixed or falling out pages; Ripped, detached, or broken spine or binding. All the pages need to be firmly attached to the binding; Used, opened or scratched access cards; Books that do not comply with U.S. copyright laws or do not have a copyright page; Counterfeit books; Barcode and ISBN should be printed on the book, not a sticker; Custom editions for a specific college or area; Rebound books.
    Bookstores.com: Examples of books that are not bought back are water damaged books; books with damaged bindings (e.g., pages loose, missing, or falling out); defective books; books with torn/taped covers, and law books or study guides/workbooks with any highlighting/writing.
    BooksValue: Certain textbooks have no value. Some examples of textbooks having no value are as follows (this is not an all inclusive list, please contact us if you have specific questions): Used textbooks with bad bindings, missing covers and/or missing pages. CLEAN and COMPLETE means that study guides, workbooks, lab manuals, etc., must not have greater than 5 pages of answers or writing and/or missing any pages. Textbooks with water damage (moisture causing wavy, sticky, discolored or swollen pages). International Editions, Free Copy, Annotated Copy, Complimentary Copy, Professional Copy and Instructor Copy (Occassioanlly there are exceptions, please contact us for approval).
    Buyback Express: Books will not be accepted if they are in the following conditions: have missing pages, obscured or unreadable text; have signs of mold, mildew or corrosion; have notable staining or liquid damage; are damaged in a way that renders them difficult to use; are missing essential accompanying material or parts; require repair or service; were not created by original manufacturer or copyright holder; any aspect is obscured and not able to be read or viewed because of markings, stickers, or other damage; books that have been rebound.
    Buyback101: Buyback101.com does not purchase textbooks with water damage, books with missing pages and books that have been rebound. Books must have minimal writing or highlighting or they will not be accepted.
    Cash4Books: Books will NOT be accepted with any of the following conditions: workbooks, lab manuals, and study guides with any writing in them; textbooks with practice tests that have been filled out; missing or loose pages; major wear to the binding; tears to the cover or pages; water, moisture damage, mold, or stains; fire or smoke damage; strong odor of any kind (including cigarette odor); exceeds C4B's maximum quantity of each ISBN; highlighting, underlining, or writing that appears on more than 50% of the book or if any of the text is obscured or difficult to read.
    Chegg: Books will not be accepted in the following conditions: Broken spines or binding; Missing, torn, or loose pages; Excessive writing, marking, or highlighting; Stains or water damage; Burns or rips; Any other significant damage; Binder, teacher, and international editions.
    CKYBooks: The following items will not be accepted: Loose Leaf or A La Carte Editions of books; Teacher's or Instructor's Editions Textbooks; International / Foreign Edition Textbooks / Eastern Economy Edition / Global Editions or Books that say "Not for Sale in the United States"; Custom Edition Textbooks; Advance reading copies, uncorrected proofs, and/or promotional copies of books; Books that state "review copy", "free copy", "sample copy", "examination copy", "complimentary copy", "not for resale", etc... (or "not for sale") anywhere on the book; One-time use access codes & subscription/registration-based software/online course materials; Partial sets or incomplete sets (i.e. only volume 1 of a 2 volume set); Items where the ISBN the customer used does not match the ISBN of the ITEM; Dated Materials/Books, Calendars and Daily Planners, Dated diaries or journals and Code Guides; Book Club Editions; Books that have been rebound or that have been repaired. Books will not be accepted in the following conditions: Items where the ISBN/UPC entered into the site do not match the ISBN/UPC on the item; Page Issues - Torn, loose or missing pages; Binding Issues - Torn, loose or showing excessive wear or damage;Cover Issues - Torn, loose or missing;Damages - Water, moisture damage, mold, or stains or soiling;Materials with answers/responses filled in;Excessive highlighting, underlining, or writing;Repaired / Re-bound Books - Books that have been repaired or re-bound with tape/glue or other means;Strong odor of any kind (smoke, cigarette odor, musty, mildew).;Exceeds maximum quantity of each ISBN (see below under Maximum Quantities).;Books where the title of the book specifies that an access code is part of the item and that code/login is NOT SEALED when CKY Books receives the item.
    CollegeBookRenter: Books that are water damaged, molded or mildewed; contain stains of any kind; have missing or loose pages; have missing or loose covers; broken or damaged spines/bindings; and/or excessive highlighting, underlining or marginalia will not be accepted. Study guides, lab manuals, and other fill-in books with answers written in them; international editions; facsimile copies; custom editions; and annotated Instructor's editions will also not be accepted.
    CollegeBooksDirect.com: Annotated Instructor's Edition are not accepted if the search does not result in a specific annoted listing that has a value. Books will not be accepted if they have water damage, torn out pages or are heavily written in with ink or highlighting.
    CollegeFocus: Textbooks will not be bought if they have any of the following conditions: books with over 20% of the pages with markings (writing, highlighting, marginalia, etc); binding damage, cover damage, missing pages or illegible text; torn pages; odor; water damage or staining of any kind to the pages or covers. CollegeFocus does not purchase any unbound materials commonly known as "loose leaf", "unbound", or "spiral bound" editions of books.
    eCampus: Books cannot be accepted if they have the following: Excessive writing, marking or highlighting; Stains or water damage; Missing, torn or loose pages; Detached or broken spine. Also, teacher editions, instructor editions, international editions, and other like editions will not be accepted.
    eFollett: eFollett can only buy back books that are in good condition. "Good condition" means that all pages, bindings, and covers are intact and complete. Pages should not be torn, missing, marked up or highlighted excessively so that the print is obscured. Textbooks with water damage, stains, and/or pages sticking together are not considered in "good condition."
    Everytext.com: A list of books that Everytext.com will not buy includes: international editions or instructor's editions; books without a CD, DVD or online access code that initially came with them; books with torn/missing pages, excessive highlighting, water damage, stained pages, etc.; study guides that are not in a new conditions.
    FirstClassBooks: Books will not be accepted or quote price will be reduced if they have water damage, missing or torn pages/cover, stains or mildew, damaged spine/binding or excessive writing/highlighting. If book originally came with a CD, study guide, or other supplement, it must be included and CDs must be in working condition.
    FreeTextbooks: Books in "good" condition do not have: stains of any kind; water damage of any kind; missing, torn, loose pages or cover; excessive writing, marking or highlighting; broken spine or binding; any other significant damage that would prevent FreeTextbooks.com from reselling it.
    iSellTextBooks: The following items will not be bought: stained books and books with water damage; books without covers; books that have been placed into a three-ring binder; textbook reproductions; electronic copies or other downloadable editions; alternate editions.
    K-12 Book Buyer: Books that have the following conditions will not be bought: Missing, loose, or damaged pages; Workbooks that have any writing in them; Damage to the binding such as loose cover, cracks in the glue, or pages that are separating from binding or cover; Cover that is damaged, missing, stained, cut or torn off; Water damage; Significant stains, damage or mold; Odors such as tabacco, mildew, perfume, or pet odor; Notes on more than 25% of pages; Lots of highlighting; Pages are stuck together or text is obscured; Any other damage that would prevent K12bookbuyer from reselling the book in good or better condition.
    Mybookcart: Books will not be accepted with any of the following: Water or moisture damage, Mildew or mold, Fire or smoke damage, Major wear to binding, Large tears to pages, Missing pages, Strong odors of any kind, including cigarette odor, Answers that are filled in, Ex-library books, Instructor / Teacher editions, International editions. If Mybookcart receives any books that are not in the condition stated, or with conditions that are not acceptable by them, payment will be reduced or eliminated.
    PhatCampus: Books having water damage, mold, torn covers, binding damage, missing pages or excessive writing or highlighting will not be bought.
    Powells: Powell's does not buy books with rips, tears, stains, or odors. Books must have no writing or highlighting, no pages falling out or coming loose and no broken spines/bindings. Other books not accepted include: Ex-Library or Book Club Editions; Advance Reader Copies (ARCs), Uncorrected Proofs (UPs), and books marked "Not for Resale". All hardcovers originally sold with a dust jacket must include the dust jacket. Make sure to check that anything that originally came with a book is included with the book when it is shipped. Please be sure to remove all price and discount stickers from books.
    Sell-Textbook.com: Sell-Textbook.com does not buy textbooks that are damaged, torn, or have missing pages.
    SellBackBooks: A used book is considered in good condition even when it contains highlighting, margin notes, or other markings (with the exception of study guides, which must be clean). However, books must be generally clean in appearance with no torn pages and with the cover or dust jacket intact or they will not be accepted.
    SellBackYourBook: Books must have the following conditions in order to be accepted: No Water Damage; No Tears on the cover or pages; Workbooks must not have any writing in them; Less than 30% of the book has highlighting/underlining or writing (remember workbooks must have NO writing); No Missing or Loose Pages; No fire or smoke damage; Minimal wear to the binding - pages should be firmly attached to the binding -- bindings cannot be broken; No strong odor of any kind; No items with the access code exposed.
    SellUsedTextbook.com: Books will not be accepted if they have the following conditions: books that have excessive writing, highlighting, or other markings on over 75% of the pages; missing covers, damaged covers and/or binding; numerous torn pages; excessive odor; mold; obscured text or illegible text; or severe staining or water damage covering more than a 1/3 of the page and spanning more than 1/3 of the book; missing pages or stuck-together pages; or books that are deemed inauthentic or a replica.
    Textbook Cashback: The following are not accepted: Counterfeit Textbooks; International Edition Textbooks; Review Copies and Instructor's Editions. Also, Textbook Cashback will not buy books that have the following conditions: Extremely damaged books; Broken bindings; Missing pages, ripped pages or loose pages; Custom editions; Books with extreme odor (smoke smell); Missing cover/ripped cover/portion of cover missing; Water Damage/staining on more than 10% of the book; Misprinted books/ Books with misprinted text; Binder Editions/A La Carte edtitions / Loose leaf editions - Books must be contained in a binder or original packaging. If pages are loosely put into box , have tears, or rips in holes, those will not be accepted. Partial sets will not be accepted. The seller must send the complete set.
    Textbook Dollars: Textbook Dollars will buy back books having the following conditions: Water damage books, Used books, Writing on pages, New books, Highlighting in books, Normal wear, Instructor/ Binder/ A La Carte textbooks. Books will not be bought if they have the following conditions: Broken/Torn bindings, Extreme damaged books, Missing pages, Damaged cover, Loose pages or Pages Stuck Together, Smoke or fire damage, Custom Edition books.
    Textbook Recycling: Books with highlighting and writing in them will be accepted as long as no more than 25% of the pages of the book include any markings. Study guides, work books, lab manuals, working papers, practice/exercise books, activity books and any books with blank answer fields must have NO writing OR highlighting in them in order to receive payment. Any books that have damage such as a loose binding, cover or pages partially or entirely torn off, mold damage, stuck pages, water damage of any kind, loose or missing pages, or pages with tape or other foreign materials bound to them will not be accepted.
    Textbook Solutions: Books will not be accepted in the following conditions: Damaged books, Books without ISBNs, Books with missing pages, International/Instructor’s editions, Any books marked "Not For Resale", Books with strong odors, Incomplete sets, Consumable books (lab books, workbooks, books with pages that tear out, etc.), Counterfeit books, Books rented from another company.
    Textbook Underground:
    TextbookManiac: The following will not be accepted: Counterfeit textbooks, International editions, Annotated instructor's editions, Free (or complementary) copies, Professional copies, Review copies, Books missing pages, Workbooks with more than 5 pages of answers filled in. Books will not be accepted if they have the following condition: Damaged bindings; Missing covers; Water damage; Missing components (CDs, Online Access); Excessive writing/highlighting.
    textbookrental.ca: Books will not be considered in good condition if they have any of the following: water damage; missing or torn pages/cover; stains or mildew; damaged spine/binding; excessive writing/highlighting.
    TextbookRush: Books will not be accepted in the following conditions: moldy; badly stained; liquid damage; copies with missing pages or obscured text; advance reading copies (ARCs); uncorrected proof copies; any one-time use or stand-alone items (i.e., workbooks that have more than six pages written on them, stand alone access codes that have already been used, etc.). Any CDs, access codes, or supplemental materials that came with the books should be returned with the buyback order for that book.
    Textbookstop: International Editions, Instructor's Editions, Complimentary Editions, Loose-Leaf Editions, Custom Editions, books with markings in more than 20% of the pages, books with torn/missing pages, books with spine not intact or water damage will not be accepted. Study Guides and Workbooks MUST be Free of ANY markings.
    Textbookwheel: Books with water damage, missing or torn pages, loose bindings or a cover not intact will not be accepted. The book can contain some writing or highlighting, but if excessive that could effect the price paid. If a book is received in a condition deemed unacceptable, the price will be adjusted accordingly and in some cases no payment will be made at all. Unacceptable books will not be returned.
    topdollar4books: Books with any of the following issues will not be bought: Broken hinges (rip inside front or back cover); Water, moisture or smoke damage; Missing pages; Any odors including smoking; Ex-library books; Books marked "Not For Resale"; Heavy hi-lighting and markings; Instructor, International or Custom editions of textbooks
    Valore: Textbooks will not be accepted if they have the following characteristics: Severely damaged book cover, binding, or pages; Missing or ripped pages; Water damage; Excessive writing or highlighting; An ISBN or edition that is different from the ISBN or edition that was quoted; Tampered ISBN; Missing CDs or discs (if required); Fraud. Valore will not buy teachers editions.





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