7Star Trade-In Review: Trust or Not?

Should you sell your phone or tablet to 7Star Trade-In? See how it works and if it’s a trusted site in our 7Star Trade-In review.

7Star Trade-In overview

What they buy

  • Apple iPhones
  • Samsung phones
  • HTC phones
  • Motorola phones
  • Google phones
  • Nokia phones
  • iPads
  • Samsung tablets

How 7Star Trade-In works

  1. Answer a few questions about your device model, capacity and condition
  2. 7Star Trade-In will give you an instant offer. Accept the offer, and you’ll receive a free prepaid shipping label
  3. Package and ship your phone. 7Star Trade-In will issue payment via your choice of PayPal or check within 3 to 5 days of receiving it

7Star Trade-In offers a 15-day price lock period, which affords you time to wait for a new phone to arrive before you ship.

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7Star Trade-In reviews

7Star Trade-In is top-rated on eBay with a 99.8% positive feedback score after more than 5,000 transactions. Reviewers cite the company’s prompt payments, effortless sales, and excellent communication as top reasons to sell to 7Star Trade-In.

The company enjoys mostly favorable reviews on Facebook, where reviewers recommend 7Star Trade-In for accurate price quotes, fast payouts, high payments, professionalism and excellent customer service. 7Star Trade-In quickly responds to any negative feedback with viable solutions.

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The verdict

We’ve named 7Star Trade-In as a Trust Verified Store based on outstanding independent reviews, quick payouts and excellent customer service.

Like all Flipsy Trust Verified Stores, that means you can trust 7Star Trade-In to offer fair prices, fast payments and a convenient selling experience.

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