HTC One Charging Port Repair Guide

If your HTC One won't charge, the charging port could be the culprit. The following guide details how to repair or replace your HTC One charging port.

Clean your HTC One charging port

Before you decide to replace your HTC One charging port make sure it's clear of dust and debris that can build up inside and prevent a solid connection with your phone charger. You can do so by:

blowing compressed (or canned) air into the charging port
using a cotton swab to pull lint and dust out of the charging port
using a needle wrapped with double-sided tape to pull dust and debris out of the charging port

In addition, you should make sure your charger works by testing it on a different device and by testing a working charger on your HTC One. If your charger works and your charging port is clean yet your HTC One still won't charge, chances are you'll need to replace the charging port.

How to replace your HTC One charging port

The HTC One is notoriously difficult to repair, but if you follow these steps closely you can do it yourself at home.

What you need

hair dryer
small Phillips screwdriver
suction cup
pry tool
replacement HTC One charging port assembly

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STEP 1: Use the hair dryer to heat the front screen and loosen the adhesive underneath.

STEP 2: Place the suction up near the top of the screen and gently pry the screen up so it “hinges” at the bottom.

STEP 3: Remove the foam pad, then use the spudger to pry the interior midframe apart from the back case. Take your time and be careful to not damage your HTC One as you move around the perimeter of the phone. You can now remove the back cover.

STEP 4: Unscrew the 13 screws on the backs of the HTC One.

STEP 5: Peel off the tape over the battery connector, unscrew the 2 battery connector screws, then use the spudger to disconnect the battery connector.

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STEP 6: Remove all tape, copper shielding, and other connectors from the motherboard, then lift the motherboard out of the device. Save the tape and copper shielding for reassembly.

STEP 7: Remove the battery.

STEP 8: Remove the screen assembly.

STEP 9: Remove the bottom plastic panel.

STEP 10: Remove the charging port assembly.

STEP 11: Insert the new charging port assembly, then follow these steps in reverse order to reassemble your HTC One.

For a visual guide to tearing down your HTC One so you can access the charging port assembly, watch this YouTube video:

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