What is the Instant eBay Voucher Program? Is it a Good Deal?

eBay has replaced its Guaranteed Smartphone Price and QuickSale programs with its Instant Voucher program, but is it a better deal? The primary differences are that eBay no longer guarantees a minimum price and it replaces PayPal payments with credit that must be used for eBay purchases. Here’s how the Instant eBay Voucher program works, plus a comparison to so you can see how it stacks up.

Start by visiting eBay’s smartphone selling page and entering information about your device. eBay will give you an estimated price and prompt you to create a detailed listing. Once your listing is complete, you will be presented an offer for an instant voucher.

If you accept the offer, eBay will deposit the credit into your account plus $7.05 for shipping fees, which you’ll use to purchase a shipping label. Ship your phone to eBay’s partner (CExchange) within two business days. Your voucher will be immediately available to use toward eBay purchases – however, you will be charged a 10% Final Value Fee once CExchange accepts your phone.

It’s important to note that if CExchange rejects your phone or if your phone doesn’t arrive within 7 days, they’ll return it and charge your eBay account for the full voucher amount. Only working phones in good condition are eligible for the program. For a full list of eligible phones and restrictions, check the Instant eBay Voucher FAQ.

Is the Instant eBay Voucher Program a Good Deal?

You can’t get an instant voucher offer until you list a phone, but we can assume it will be close to the estimate eBay gives on its smartphone selling page. Here’s how those figures stack up to, after fees.

PHONEeBay Instant Voucher (after fees)
iPhone X$566 credit$563 cash
iPhone 8$357 credit$350 cash
iPhone 7$198 credit$225 cash
Galaxy S9$345 credit$346 cash
Galaxy S8$223 credit$248 cash
Galaxy S7$97 credit$131 cash

Retrieved 11/13/2018. All phones in “good” condition on the Verizon network.

As you can see, in most cases you can get more money via, and Flipsy buyers pay in cash that can be spent anywhere (instead of store credit that must be spent on eBay). There’s no need to create a detailed listing on, either, which can save time over posting on eBay.

Though the Instant eBay Voucher Program isn’t a bad deal, it’s not the best deal you can get. Save time and get more money, in cash, by selling via



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